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About Michelle Terc

    I have loved makeup for as long as I can remember. Even as a young child, I was fascinated by the way my mother's foundation would make my freckles disappear and make my face virtually flawless. I remember sneaking into her bathroom whenever she would leave home and trying out everything in her drawer. As I got older, makeup became more acceptable to wear at my age. I got my first eyeshadow palette in 6th grade and I still remember exactly what colors were in it and how I wore them. I only used it on weekends when I wasn't with my friends, but I remember how beautiful I would feel after applying just a small amount of eyeshadow. Then eighth grade came along, and that was a tough year for me. Up until that point I had been a year younger than everyone else in my grade and until then it hadn't been an issue. Other girls were maturing faster than me, mentally and physically, and by the end of my first semester I had lost all of my friends. Eating alone at lunch and walking to classes by myself eventually became normal to me. One day before school, I was sitting in my mother's bathroom fixing my hair and noticed her makeup drawer had been left open. I dove in. I covered my lids with dark blue eyeshadow then topped it off with some blush and mascara. For the first time in a very long time I felt worthy and confident, but most importantly, I felt beautiful. I still ate lunch by myself and I still walked to my classes alone, but I loved myself so that made it okay. I ended up leaving the school after that year and going to a boarding school in my correct grade. By then, my makeup collection had grown so much and my skills were much more advanced. I remember before every dance I would do my entire floors makeup. People would line up outside of my dorm room doing their hair and gossiping until it was their turn. I loved making people feel beautiful, and I still do. 

    That one year of eighth grade changed my life, I never wanted anyone to feel how I did that year. Helping the people I love feel more confident and beautiful by doing their makeup made me happy, so whenever they needed me I was always there. One night, after doing my sisters makeup, she convinced me to start an Instagram to show people what I could do. Things really took off after that, and a few "before and after" pictures of my friends and family later, I had already booked my first few clients. 

    To me makeup is more than just a mask, because makeup taught me how to love myself. Every single person is born beautiful in their own unique way, but unfortunately not everyone is able to recognize that beauty in themselves. Sometimes it just takes seeing yourself differently to feel beautiful, and that's where I love to help. Nothing is more fulfilling or makes me happier than helping someone feel as beautiful as they really are. No matter your size, shape, coloring, or imperfections, it is still possible to feel beautiful and confident, and I love that makeup gives me the ability to prove that.